Biographical Information

Born 14th of July 1936 in a town of Mozyr, Byelorussia. Father – Anton D. Bondarev, of Ukrainian origin, born 1901 – died 1977. Mother – Elizabeth E. Gorelik, of Jewish origin, born 1911 – died 1990. Both buried in Mozyr. The family had two more children: sister Albina (b. 1937 – died 1993) and brother Valerii (b. 1941 – died 2000).


After 10 years’ study graduated high school in the native town in 1954, honored Silver Medal. The same year entered the Moscow Petroleum Institute, now the State Academy of Oil&Gas (SAO&G). Graduated the Academy in 1959 as a mining engineer in oil and gas production and transport. The same year received the position of a junior researcher at the Institute of Mechanics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1965 moved to the SAO&G as a senior researcher and the next year received the degree Candidate in Engineering Sciences.


In 1970 was invited to the Institute of Physical-Technical Problems of the North, Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences situated in Yakutsk. In 1981 received a Degree of Doctor in Applied Mathematics from the Institute of Thermophysics in Novosibirsk. Professor in Applied Mathematics since 1986. The member of Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics since 1987. The author of more than 200 scientific publications (in Russian and English), including 7 books devoted to varieties of subjects in applied mathematics:

1)     porous media multiphase flow;

2)     hydraulics;

3)     conjugated problems of heat and mass transfer;

4)     hydrodynamic dispersion in porous media;

5)     theory of numerical computations.


    Visiting Professor of Yakut State University since 1971 where gives lectures on applied hydrodynamics and solution of heat transfer problems for physicists and on theory of oil and gas production for mining engineers.



Personal Interests

Visual Arts: Painting and Drawing, including tendencies in Modern Arts

Music: Classics and Jazz

Literature: Fiction and Poetry